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Lipolisis Láser Localizada Ultracavitación en Bogotá

Ultracavitation-Localised Lipolysis


This technology uses therapy ultrasound waves focused in the subcutaneous layer. This way, it selectively affects the fat tissue: it does not destroy the rest of the peripheral tissues, such as small arteries, vessels and fiber tracts. This sound wave trespasses the skin and due to an affinity between the emission frequencyand the density of the fat tissue, it gathers the necessary energy to destroy the membrane surrounding the cellular fat through Cavitation and produces the liberation of lipid content to the interstitial liquid. The emulsified content is collected in the circulatory venous and lymphatic torrent, to be then transported to the liver to continue normal metabolic processes in the organism.


Localized Adiposities
We don´t recommend this treatment for moderate or severe obesity.


Severe Hypertension, Heart Insufficiency, Circulatory Insufficiency, Liver Diseases.
Phlebitis, Neoplastic Processes,
Wounds and Skin infections, applying it to noble organs (ovaries, heart, head, etc.) people with metallic prosthesis, people carrying electromagnetic equipment, pregnant women, epileptic patients, non-controlled diabetics, children or teenagers. .