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Abdominoplastia o Lipectomia Abdominal en Bogotá


ABDOMINOPLASTIAIt´s a chirurgical technique that corrects skin excess in the abdomen, as well as the muscle relaxation in the area that is separated by the medium line, and it´s associated to liposuction on the sides to give shape to the body contour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should be suitable to liposuction and abdominoplasty:

The ideal liposuction patient is that whose fat is localized and has a good skin quality, to allow that during pop the same shapes into adequate contouring. In case of existing skin excess, corrugations or simply bad skin quality, it is necessary to correct the excess removing skin through a process called abdominoplasty. There are no cases where it can be considered to proceed with emaciation surgeries or “vaccines” against obesity, but simply body contour surgeries and the required change on life habits (such as nutrition, physical activity) to optimize and maintain results.

Recovery time:it´s an ambulatory surgery, for most of cases, and it does not require of any rest. Patient can go back to daily life activities after one week, depending on the type of work he/she practices.

Foreign patients:

How much time do you need?: : You must adapt to Bogota city altitude for a period of at least four days, you must also agree with the surgeon the final appointment to value and program the procedure, as well as an assessment on pre anesthesia. You will need at least two more weeks in the city after the procedure to be able to be discharged.

Lab Tests: all routine test necessary for programmed surgery must be carried out, such as CBC, urine test, coagulation tests and all other necessary test that the medical specialist considers necessary.