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Breast Surgery, Breast Augmentation or Mastopexy in Bogotá


mamoplastia-de-aumentoBREAST AUGMENTATION:

It´s a chirurgical procedure with the aim of improving size and shape of breast by placing prosthesis, because breast did not develop enough big or due to atrophy due to pregnancy or age.

Prosthesis can be cohesive silicone or polyurethane, which represent no risk of encapsulation and can be used for lifetime.

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Chirurgical procedure oriented to lift breast that have lost firmness or that by some reason are sagging. Who is suitable to this procedure?: Patients who are non-conformed with the position of their mammary gland and secondary are the patients willing to carry out this procedure due to consistency. In the assessment with the surgeon he/she, will carry out an adequate test to define if objectively it is a case of sagging breast and if the patient will be benefit, according to expectations, from the procedure. Although, patients must take into account that they are exchanging a permanent aesthetical problem – sagging breast- for scar, and only the patient can make the election.

Implants can be placed with pexy.
For the cases when breast, part from being sagged, it has emptied, producing a reduction of its consistency it is possible, previous evaluation by surgeon, to opt for the colocation of mammary implants during the same procedure to recover lost volume.


In the case of very big breast, size can be reduced and the same can be relocated to an adequate position. Chirurgical technique is good to reduce fat, gland tissue and mammary skin. It is made through a vertical incision that will leave a peri-areolar and vertical scar, improving the aesthetic aspect, leaving them firm and small.

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