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Gluteoplasty- Gluteus Augmentation in Bogotá


gluteos 2Gluteoplasty is a procedure to change the volume and position of the gluteus, through the use of a silicon prosthesis, which are placed under the muscle, through an approach made at the inter-gluteus area

so that the resulting scar camouflages inside the gluteus. The volume and shape of the prosthesis depend exclusively on the anatomy of the patient, looking always for a harmonic and natural result. The procedure lasts approximately two hours and the incapacity period is of two weeks.
Another way of lifting, giving volume and improving the shape of the gluteus region is through the placing of autogenous fat (from the same patient) previously obtained through liposuction.
This grease is placed in the sub cutaneous layer and intra muscular. Even when some of this fat is reabsorbed results are excellent. The gluteus injection incapacity depends on the magnitude of the liposuction.