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Lipoescultura con Láser,Lipólisis Láser en Bogotá

Liposuction, Laserlipolysis

lipolaserIt a body remodeling technique consisting in the extraction of fat (liposuction) from localized adipose areas (abdomen, “fat folds”, internal arm, knees, internal thighs, legs, waist, back, jowl, etc)

The procedure uses specifically designed cannulas, passing through minimal incisions. It´s an ambulatory procedure, which after two days intervention, allows the patient to go back to his/her day life activities.
Liposuction solves a 90% of the cases of localized fat deposits.
In the present it can be made with LASER or VASER techniques, to reduce recovery time,minimal secondary post operation effects, increasing safety for the patient and the surgeon, with a minimum interference with the patient´s social life.