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Laser Depilation in Bogotá

Laser Depilation

depilacionlaserLaser depilation is one of the most promising treatment compared to others. It consists in the destruction of the hair follicle and the hair

matrix through selective photo thermolysis (heat that will not destroy surrounding tissue) and the capacity of absorption of melanin.

.The result is prolonged depilation, to eliminate as much as an 80-90% of the hair, leaving the rest very thin a light, to even perceptible. To achieve these objectives it is necessary to do a total of at least 8 consecutive sessions a month.

The number of sessions can vary depending of the body area. It is an effective treatment for hirsutism pathologies (unwanted hair in women’s´ face), pseudo folliculitis (cystic hair in the hair follicle) and hypertrichosis (increase of hair quantity in some body areas)