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Laser-lipolysis in Bogotá, eliminates localized fat


It´s a minimally invasive technique specially designed to remove the adipose excess, due to the interaction of the laser beam with the fat tissue. The technique is also used to eliminate excessive sweating, it has been nominated as the wonder of the century, since its effects for this affection are immediate, safe and most of all: lifelong.

The process is carried out under local anesthesia and consists in:

  • A tumescent infiltration is applied that anesthetizes and creates the perfect vehicle for the laser work.
  • After this, in a skin fold or natural axe line, (to avoid causing a visible scar), a 1 mm optic fiber cannula is introduced, conducing laser energy directly to the sweating glands, destroying them along with the axes sub cutaneous fat.
  • The released energy coagulates also the finer tissue, inducing therefore to a contraction of collagen and the adjustment of the finer tissue. There will be no unhang skin, instead tissue will be harmonic and firm
  • Laser makes the recovery process extra fast.
  • Once sweat glands and localized fat are destroyed a compressive bandage is placed
  • Due to the minimum size of the incision it is not necessary to take any stitches, and therefore it will not result in scar. The area is cleaned and then medical recommendations are given.

It is a high technology process, carried out by a specialist, with immediate, safe and lifetime results, with few occasions, depending on the case, when the procedure must be repeated. It is recommended for all patients with the pathology with no age limit. It is non-painful and non-incapacitating, with a max 48 hours recovery and it is ambulatory. Cost are not higher than $3´000.000 per session and prolonged results are in some cases permanent.