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Rejuvenecimiento Facial con Láser Syncro HP Deka en Bogotá

SyncroHp Laser Facial Rejuvenation

rejuvenecimiento facial

This techniques used the laser energy in different wave lengths, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This procedure is non-invasive and it enhances the treatment of all types of skin (WHITE AND DARK)

improving skin quality, texture, tone and color, giving also a more juvenile appearance, improving fine skin wrinkles, vascular and pigment lesions, and little scars. Depending of the damage of the skin a numbers of sessions will be programmed, in a range from 3 to 4 with monthly intervals and it doesn´t require anesthesia. It will only cause a light erythema that will disappear within a few hours. Ablative and non-ablative photo rejuvenation are effective therapeutic modalities, results are exceptional and the efficacy varies in function of the aging state of the skin, and can be complementary in some cases to prolong and improve the clinical efficacy.

Light sources, which object is to stimulate the neo-formation of collagen and elastin using specific wave length that will not run epidermis
generate a reduction of aging signs and eliminate previous procedures undesired effects, such as the ones provoked by chemical and mechanical peelings.