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Cuntaneous Lesions Laser Treatment – for moles, warts and scars

Dermathology Lesion Treatment (moles, warts, scars and corrugations)

tratamientoMACULAS:The use of light as a source of energy in pigmented lesions such as melasma, a light brown macula or Otta Nevus.

has been an excellent alternative for the treatment of such pathologies, due to the possibilities it gives of absorbing melanin and hemoglobin to certain wave lengths. In the case of melisma, patients must be conscious of the fact that they need special care not to have later pigment again, because laser removes the existing melanin pigment in the lesion, but does not eliminate the lesions.
. To avoid ulterior pigmenting they must use a total sun blocking screen during the day, and at night they must use a treated medication and must carry a monthly control with their treating medical specialist during the treatment, as well as carrying on maintenance treatment every three months.
Ablative and non-ablative Photo-rejuvenation are effective therapy modalities, results are exceptional and the efficacy varies in function to the aging state of the skin, these can be complementary in some cases to prolong and improve clinical efficacy.

SCARS: One of laser uses is the improvement of lesions such as scars with the selective photo-thermolysis, that generates collagen, elastin and therefore improves the damaged skin texture, for example corrugations and scars. It can also be used in combinations to other Micro-abrasion treatment.

MOLES: For lesions such as moles Co2 laser and ND Yag removes them with no scar signals.